December Release

Wow, time is flying by! We’ve been busy working away on the updated version of The Path of the Spiritual Sun book. On the Sakro Sawel website, Lara gave an update a few days ago explaining that they just finished working on the book. Over the past two months we have been working on the parts of the book that had been finished, so the book is 2/3 of the way formatted and complete. The first part of the book has gone through all [...]

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Hello! I just wanted to do a quick blog update to let you all know that the updated version of The Path of the Spiritual Sun is now in production. The book is currently in the editing and preparation for layout process. Once this first process is finished, the book is going to be laid out from scratch, since there are many changes and updates to the book throughout. Layout of the book should start in a few weeks’ time, and the book will most [...]

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The Ancient Religion of the Sun by Lara Atwood Out Now in Paperback

We have some exciting news to share. Yesterday we published a book by Lara Atwood titled The Ancient Religion of the Sun: The Wisdom Bringers and the Lost Civilization of the Sun, and it’s now available to order online. Here is a bit about the book: This book is for anyone wishing to learn about the history of the ancient Religion of the Sun. It traces its origins by exploring some of the most ancient sacred texts and indigenous histories on Earth. It examines its [...]

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Solstice Update

We wanted to give an update on a couple of things happening here at Mystical Life Publications. New Book First, we’re excited to announce an upcoming book (yet to be titled), which will bring almost all of Belsebuub’s talks and articles into one publication. It will include the content from his books Gazing into the Eternal and The Awakening of Perception, as well as many other articles and transcribed talks which have never before been published in book form. This new book is currently going [...]

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Following up Copyright Infringement

As usual, we’ve continued to be busy behind the scenes here at Mystical Life Publications, but we wanted to give you all a quick update on what we have been doing. We’ve made a renewed effort to deal with outstanding cases of copyright infringement of our published works, particularly from The Path of the Spiritual Sun by Belsebuub and Lara Atwood. For a few years now there was a big effort in finding instances of plagiarism across the net, which many people contributed to. We [...]

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Searching Within by Belsebuub Out Now in Paperback

The long awaited day is finally here – Belsebuub’s Self-Knowledge book is available again! This edition of Belsebuub’s self-knowledge work is titled Searching Within: Taking the Way of Self-Discovery for the Journey to Source. Searching Within can be purchased from: (should be available on Book Depository in a few days) And many other worldwide online retailers Since Searching Within has just been released, it can take time before the book listing shows up on some online retailers' websites. Currently the book [...]

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Book Release Update

Hello! We just wanted to give a quick blog update on upcoming book releases. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been busy behind the scenes working on the release of Belsbuub’s self-knowledge book in paperback! It’s in the final stages of production and it should be out sometime next week. We’ll be sure to let everyone know when the book has been released, so stay tuned to the MLP blog and/or the blog. Some months ago, we had started pre-production for the paperback [...]

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Wishes for the Equinox

We’ve been very busy working on upcoming projects, but wanted to take some time out to wish everyone a very inspiring and meaningful equinox. Seven Moai statues at the Ahu Akivi site on Easter Island which face the sunset on the spring and autumn equinox. We hope people are inspired to connect to this special spiritual time of year, just as people in ancient times did. Here are some excerpts from The Path of the Spiritual Sun which explain about the spiritual significance [...]

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Gazing into the Eternal by Belsebuub out now in Paperback

The day is finally here, Gazing into the Eternal by Belsebuub is out in paperback again! The book was originally released in 2009 and was a finalist in the Best Book Awards 2009 in Spirituality, was featured on the cover of Publishers Weekly, and received a 5 star review in Foreword Magazine. From the back cover: “Gazing into the Eternal is a collection of a number of Belsebuub's key talks that provide an introduction to spiritual knowledge. It takes a clear and easy-to-understand look at [...]

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Update on Paperback Release of Gazing into the Eternal by Belsebuub

We just wanted to give a quick update on the paperback release of Gazing into the Eternal by Belsebuub. We got our proof of the book with the new font layout, and while we were happy with the new look, it needed a bit of tweaking to get things just right. Over the past few weeks, we've been busy working away on it - so busy that we haven't managed to post any updates :) We are expecting the final proof any day now, and [...]

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