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This website explores the ancient religion of the sun that was taken around the world following the catastrophe at the end of the last ice age by the legendary sages and civilizers recorded in world mythology.
The Spiritual Sun explores the ancient religion of the sun, which was practiced throughout the ancient world. This site aims to rediscover and revive humanity’s lost spiritual heritage, reconnect with timeless sacred principles, and aims to help people experience and explore the spirituality of the sun in their own lives.

The Flight of the Feathered Serpent Website Are these the secret teachings of Judas Iscariot? This little known work is a treasure of esoteric teachings originally published in the 1950s. The book beautifully explains the role Jesus gave Judas – decades before the ancient text The Gospel of Judas was discovered, and astonishingly reveals the same drama.

YouTube Channels

Sakro Sawel YouTube Channel
Sakro Sawel means “sacred sun” in Proto-Indo-European. The YouTube Channel and website of the same name is run by Lara Atwood where she shares her research into the Religion of the Sun.

The Spiritual Sun YouTube channel
Get the latest video updates from The Spiritual Sun website. Mantras, solstice and equinox ceremonies, events, and everything else to do with the ancient and revived religion of the sun.