Directors Jon, Jenny, Matthew, and Priya

Mystical Life Publications is a non-profit and volunteer-based publisher of books, websites, and videos about consciousness and spirituality.

We provide resources for free or at cost as we do not believe in profiting from spiritual knowledge. The authors we publish receive no payment or royalties for the sale of their books, as they work by this principle as well. Any profits made from book sales have gone right back into producing more content.

Over the past eight years, Mystical Life Publications has published five paperback books and eight eBooks. The eBooks were available to download free of charge and were downloaded over 140,000 times from 2012 – 2015. We eventually had to remove the eBooks from distribution because they were being copied and plagiarized extensively. After the eBooks were removed, we began publishing books solely in paperback format.

We also publish free websites and videos.

An archive of our past blogs can be found here.