Who We Are

The MLP team: Matthew Osmund, Priya Osmund, Jenny Alswinn, Jon Alswinn

We are an independent, not-for-profit organization located in Perth, Western Australia, committed to providing books, websites, and videos about the Religion of the Sun; the world’s oldest religion once practiced by a now-lost global civilization that arose at the end of the last ice age. The Religion of the Sun views the sun as the outward manifestation of the divine source of creation, and its annual cycle through the solstices and equinoxes to represent the path of the spiritual sun/son. Over time this knowledge was lost, but still exists in some of the world’s religions and mystical teachings, ancient sacred sites, symbols, folklore, and mythology. We are practitioners interested in researching and reviving this knowledge.

How we work

Our four directors along with a dedicated team give their time and skills to run the organization. We provide online publications freely, as we believe that spiritual knowledge is given without charge from above, and should be passed onto others in the same way. The printed books we publish are sold just above cost price. It does cost us money to run our organization and publishing activities so we accept donations, which allow us to remain independent and place our principles before profit, so anyone can access our publications.

We also like to get out and explore ancient sites and the remnants of civilizations that practiced the Religion of the Sun across the globe, and meet and learn from people doing pioneering research in fields related to our own, from gathering evidence of a lost civilization that practiced the Religion of the Sun, to the suppression of information and evidence related to advanced civilizations from other worlds.

Our mission

Our aim is to research and revive the ancient Religion of the Sun, and provide a comprehensive resource for spiritual seekers across the globe to learn about and practice it. In doing so we hope to help reconnect people to a shared spiritual and cultural heritage left to us by previous civilizations of the sun and their descendant cultures.

(Left to Right) Matthew exploring the remnants of an ancient Sun temple in MP, India; Priya taking part in a sunset aarti on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh; Matthew at the Udayagiri caves in MP, a site aligned to the summer solstice

(Left to Right) Jon and Jenny exploring solstice and equinox alignments at Cahokia Mounds, IL, USA; Examining petroglyphs with solar symbols at Fountain Bluff, IL; At Serpent Mound in Ohio, a site with solstice and equinox alignments

(Left to Right) Priya and Jenny with Graham Hancock in May 2014 during his ‘Magicians of the Gods’ tour’; Jenny with Dr Steven Greer in August 2013 at the Australian premiere of his movie Sirius.