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We are an independent, not-for-profit publishing organisation that publishes
books, websites, and videos about the ancient religion of the sun.




Our aim is to provide clear, comprehensive, and accessible resources on the ancient religion of the sun, a spiritual wisdom that once covered much of the planet and upon which are based many ancient myths, legends, sacred texts, and megalithic sites.

All book design, layout, proofing and production, website development and maintenance, writing, video work and administration at Mystical Life Publications is done by a small team of mostly volunteers who are passionate about spirituality. Although accruing many of the same expenses as a larger publishing house, the team at Mystical Life Publications prefers to place principles before profit, meeting running costs mainly through voluntary donations. All online publications are provided free of charge, and all of our books are sold just above production costs with any margins going back into producing more books, websites and content.

This allows us to give back to those who have given to us and means that anyone interested is able to access this knowledge no matter what financial situation they may be in. This is the time honoured way of providing spiritual information, and our authors do not receive any royalties from the publication of their books, as they believe this information is priceless and should be shared freely as it is received.