We’ve been very busy working on upcoming projects, but wanted to take some time out to wish everyone a very inspiring and meaningful equinox.

Seven Moai statues at the Ahu Akivi site on Easter Island which face the sunset on the spring and autumn equinox.

We hope people are inspired to connect to this special spiritual time of year, just as people in ancient times did. Here are some excerpts from The Path of the Spiritual Sun which explain about the spiritual significance of this time of year.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox

The annual descent of the sun south into darkness is symbolic of the consciousness descending into the darkness of matter, of it coming into a body, into the darkness of the subconscious of the psyche, to join the process of life (referred to as the Wheel of Life in Buddhism). This darkness is necessary for spiritual awakening, as without darkness we would not know light, and it is from darkness (the subconscious) that light (consciousness) is extracted, giving us the knowledge gained from experience.

~ Belsebuub from The Path of the Spiritual Sun,
chapter three

The Spiritual Meaning of the Spring Equinox

Throughout the world, the spring equinox is a time of great confrontation between the forces of darkness and light, in the death and resurrection of the central deities of sacred teachings. It symbolizes what an initiate goes through in a definitive and important stage of self-realization, where the struggle between darkness and light creates the opposition needed to attain immortality. This is symbolized by the dark half of the year on one side of the spring equinox sun, and the light half of the year on the other.

~ Belsebuub from The Path of the Spiritual Sun,
chapter seven

We also wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the continued support of Mystical Life Publications. A very big thank you to everyone that enables us to do what we do to keep going. We are looking forward to bringing forward the new projects planned for the coming months.