We have some exciting news to share. Yesterday we published a book by Lara Atwood titled The Ancient Religion of the Sun: The Wisdom Bringers and the Lost Civilization of the Sun, and it’s now available to order online.

Here is a bit about the book:

This book is for anyone wishing to learn about the history of the ancient Religion of the Sun. It traces its origins by exploring some of the most ancient sacred texts and indigenous histories on Earth. It examines its reestablishment following the global flood at the end of the last ice age, as well as its founders, many of whom are remembered as the greatest spiritual figures and teachers in history. It also explores the lost civilization they helped initiate, from which the major civilizations of the ancient world arose, and our own civilization grew.

This book is full of research and evidence of the Religion of the Sun in history, as well as photographs, illustrations, and excerpts from ancient texts along with quotes from modern researchers.

So much work has gone into the making of this book. Lara has been completely dedicated to researching and writing it for the past few months. And once we received the written book from her, the team at Mystical Life Publications has been focussed on getting the book published.

We give our sincere thanks to everyone that has supported and continues to support Mystical Life Publications. The support we receive helps us to do what we do, so thank you so much.

We also want to thank Lara very much for all of her hard work with this book. She refuses to receive any payment for her work as she believes in the ancient principle that spiritual knowledge should not be used for profit.

Like all of our books, the price of this book is set to cover costs, and any excess made goes towards covering publishing costs.

Currently the book can be purchased on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, since the book has just been released. In a few days the book should be available on sites like BookDepository.com and other online book sellers.

You can learn more about the book and where to get it on our books page, or on Lara’s website SakroSawel.com – https://sakrosawel.com/the-ancient-religion-of-the-sun