Solstice and Equinox

Wishes for the Equinox

We’ve been very busy working on upcoming projects, but wanted to take some time out to wish everyone a very inspiring and meaningful equinox. Seven Moai statues at the Ahu Akivi site on Easter Island which face the sunset on the spring and autumn equinox. We hope people are inspired to connect to this special spiritual time of year, just as people in ancient times did. Here are some excerpts from The Path of the Spiritual Sun which explain about the spiritual significance of this time of year. The Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox The annual descent of the sun south into darkness is symbolic of the consciousness descending into the darkness of matter, of it coming into a body, into the darkness of the subconscious of the psyche, to join the process of life (referred to as the Wheel of Life in Buddhism). This darkness is necessary for spiritual awakening, as without darkness we would not know light, and it is from darkness (the subconscious) that light (consciousness) is extracted, giving us the knowledge gained from experience. ~ Belsebuub with Lara Atwood from The Path of the Spiritual Sun, chapter three The Spiritual Meaning of the [...]

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August Releases Update

Just wanted to give a bit of an update on how the printed books are going. The other week, Dara and I did prints of the covers for Belsebuub's books The Path of the Spiritual Sun and Gazing into the Eternal, to get a sense of how they would look in print. They're looking good! We also did a test print of The Path of the Spiritual Sun inside pages to see how the layout was looking in print and how the images were printing, and overall we were quite happy with the result. Last week Jon and I worked solid on finishing up the book, using the test print to adjust images and layout issues, and pulled together the final components of the book. We sent The Path of the Spiritual Sun to the printers on Friday, and a proof is on the way! We have a planned release date of Friday the 26th of August. It could be a bit sooner if all goes well with the proofing process, or a bit later if we need to do some adjustments. It will be available by the end of August, and we’ll keep everyone updated on its release and [...]

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Solstice Wishes

Solstice Greetings! I know we’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately, we have a tendency for that when we’re really busy :)  We’ve been working away on projects including The Path of the Spiritual Sun print release. We were hoping to have it released before the solstice. Releasing the book in print, with the new updated content is quite an undertaking as the book is full of images and quotes from sacred texts, which bringing all the content together in nicely formatted print book takes time.  We are expecting to release it in the next month or two - in time for people to get it before the equinox. Besides this little update on the book, we wanted to wish everyone a very spiritually uplifting and inspiring solstice time, where ever you are in the world. We also wanted to give a sincere thanks to everyone that has supported us these past months to keep us going. Your support makes it possible for us to do what we do. It is amazing and so very much appreciated. Thank you!

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Equinox Greetings

Whether the light is growing in your part of the world, or you are entering the darker part of the year, we wish everyone a very spiritual and insightful equinox. We're looking forward to the release of the paperback version of The Path of the Spiritual Sun, which as Lara had mentioned in her blog update, has new content, and new and updated ceremonies! We're aiming to have it released at the end of April.  

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Solstice Greetings, Reflecting on the Year and a Big Thank You

Solstice greetings! We’ve been somewhat quiet here on the blog this year, but wanted to take the time to touch base with everyone. Although we’ve been quiet here, it’s been a very busy year for us, and that's why we haven’t been able to be as active on the blog  :) Some big things happened for Mystical Life Publications this year, like the website upgrade and redesign of, the first MLP publishing of a printed book by Belsebuub, and coordinating the distribution of the Flight of the Feathered Serpent paperback book through Amazon. Through the year, a strong volunteer plagiarism team has emerged, sending us cases of copyright infringement in which we have resolved at least 50 cases this year and at least 141 cases total over the past few years. There are a handful of cases pending at the moment and still many cases of plagiarism and copyright infringement of our author's works un-contacted, so the problem is still quite rampant, however the self-formed plagiarism team from our readers has been a big help for us in finding the cases out there that exist, so we can follow them up, and work to protect the integrity of our [...]

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The Equinox is Upon Us

The equinox is approaching soon. With the articles that became the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun that our authors Belsebuub and Lara have written, people around the world have been given a unique spiritual insight into this time of year. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be the spring equinox. Here’s a bit of what Belsebuub and Lara write about the spring equinox The spring equinox (also known as the vernal equinox) is the time in the earth’s annual cycle around the sun in which day and night are equal in length, before the days finally start to get longer after the dominance of darkness during winter, and life springs forth from death. Its deeper spiritual significance reveals the mysteries of spiritual resurrection. In Christianity, the spring equinox is the time of the passion, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. Likewise in ancient Egypt, it is the time of the resurrection of the ancient Egyptian god Osiris; and the resurrection of the Mayan Maize God Hun Hunahpu. The Great Sphinx of Giza, in Egypt, symbol of resurrection, gazes precisely at the rising of the spring equinox sun. The temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia aligns to the [...]

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